Skummport: Where Orks Can fly

Fill da air with the noise of yer screamin’ engines ‘an let da fumes o’ yer exhaust be seen as warclouds on da horizon. Dive n’ climb, bank ‘n strafe,  an’ paint da sky wiv’ der blood! Dakka Dakka Boom boyz, Dakka Dakka Boom!

-Traditional Pre-Flight War Cry of the Flashtoof Skwadron

As part of some scenery pieces for my Warhammer 40K Flashtoof Skwadron I wanted to build an airfield. In my head canon I decided an Ork settlement had built up around it called called Skummport run by Nobz Skwadron Leader Ace Goldtoof and one of his top flyboyz Maverork.

Also in my head canon one of the skwadron oddboyz, going by by the name Don Draporck, had discovered advertising when picking through the remains of an ‘humie settlement they’s razed on one of their raids. He was greatly taken by it and decided to put up some advertising around the airfield to attract other orcs for fun and profit. So below are the signs intended to be printed small and then weathered on scenery pieces. Of course Don Drapork forgot that except for a few oddboyz most Orks can’t read!