Broken Skies


Never in the field of gnomish conflict was so much owed by so many to so few, who are so small, be it upon the Broken Shores or high above in the Broken Skies…

Welcome to a very special one off issue from Gnomish Comics. Like every gnome you’ve no doubt heard the grave news that the Legion has returned, and so we here at GC Towers have decided to take a break from our regular runs of Batgnome and Supergnome, to honour our comrades fighting the good fight!

You’ve probably seen by now the horrific footage that made it back from the first wave that hit the Broken Shore, obtained only by the blood and sacrifice of our brave gnomish reconnaissance pilots. You’ve seen how the High King of Stormwind sank below the waves in all that heavy armour and then miraculously came back up fighting!

What you haven’t seen how he did it, and how our brave gnomish service men and women were instrumental in the events that transpired on the Broken Shore. This is their story, this is our story. It is a tribute to our girls and boys overseas giving it their all to save Azeroth.

Notes From reality: Amazing as the Warcraft Legion Cinematic was, that one gnome chopper buzzing by the alliance flagship let me know that one part of this story was still untold. My imagination ignited, I set about filling in the pieces, and this is the result, enjoy!





All original artwork obtained from

In-game screenshots from Blizzards World of Warcraft

Stills From Blizzards Legion Cinematic

Models captured using the Wowhead model viewer

Cover Art Inspired By

Ant Lucia’s classic cover for issue 4 of DC Bombshells.

Keith Burns action packed covers for Titan Comics Johnny Red

This is a fan made creation and all copyright remains with the owners.