Hells Lego Vengeance

What could possibly be better than Lego and Pathfinder? Why of course the two together… Lego Pathfinder!

Unfortunately it doesn’t exist, but I’m not the sort to let my old foe reality get in my way, so with Hells Vengeance recent volumes by F. Wesley Schneider and Thurston Hillman still fresh in my mind, I came up with an awesome non-existent gift for my upcoming birthday.

Behold the totally unofficial imaginary awesomeness of the Lego Pathfinder Hells Vengeance Adventure Playset!

The box art also contains some imagery on the sides from my previous post on The Glorious Reclamation.

Of course if you don’t have enough imaginary dollars or gold pieces to pretend to buy the full set, why not pick up an imaginary mini-fig polybag instead!