Ailson Kindler’s Books

If like me you’ve recently read Bloodbound by F. Wesley Schneider or the Ustalav Campaign Setting, you are no doubt familiar with Ailson Kindler, the fictional author whose work is famous throughout the Inner Sea.

You may even have wished you could lay your hands upon one of her tomes of horror, and if so your wish has come true! Behold the covers of two of her greatest works:


Should you wish to bring these to your game table as a prop, then just print out the full dust covers below complete with spine, and wrap them around an existing book trimming to size!

If you want just the poster size version here they are too. Enjoy!

Also for no reason whatsoever here they are in a Caliphas book shop

Update: Whoa! Here are the books come to life on F. Wesley Schneider’s desktop