Passage to the Interior

With the winter drawing in what better way is there to warm yourself than by dreaming of far off fictional tropical destinations? Looking forward to upcoming novel Beyond The Pool Of Stars I pulled out some of my favourite Pathfinder Garundi tomes, Sargava: The Lost ColonyHeart of the Jungle and River Into Darkness, and let my mind wander to the distant outposts of Inner Sea civilisation.

I saw myself weaving through the streets of Port Eleder on my way to the Adventurers Club where I would order myself a fine Sargavan gin and tonic, and listen to the Old Major spin tales of his time in Kalabuto and his trips up river into the Screaming Jungle.

Nipping through the markets with their exotic fruit and aromatic delicacies my eyes fell upon the many sun bleached signs and notices enticing both the foolish and the bold to venture inland and experience the dark dangerous thrills of the interior. So here they are for your enjoyment!