The Thrice Damned House Of Thrune

I’ve been diving head first into Pathfinder lore recently and it struck me that the story of Cheliax and the House of Thrune would make excellent material for a BBC period drama.

I can already see the flouncy costumes, the scheming Egorian aristocrats, and the cast of ever so British stars, all mixed up with occult demonic pacts and courtly manners.

Imagine a horned Colin Firth as Asmodeus, Prince of Lies/Law, cowled in darkness, Emily Blunt across from him playing Queen Abrogail, weighing up the cost of his promises against the power it might bring her.

It could start just before the death of Aroden, follow through the 30 years of interregnum, cover the foundation of the infernal state and its journey through to today with Queen Abrogail II. A generation spanning saga of pure awesomeness.

Come on people, get this done, it can’t be that hard, I’ve already made the poster, the rest is just implementation details! 🙂