Brother Buzzkill’s Journal: Everybody might be kung fu fighting, but only gnome monks are fast as lightning!

When the Warcraft Pandaria expansion was announced along with the new monk class, I decided my monk would need an epic background, and this is it, a tale of daring adventure in unknown waters, the first meeting of Gnomish and Pandaren cultures, and a lore retcon for gnome monks in Mists of Pandaria, all presented in an audio/visual “Steambook” format.

A pleasant sunny afternoon aboard the Seaculus II is disturbed by a splashing sound, and a repeated knocking against the side of the boat.

Peering over the side, the squad finds a rather large turtle tapping on the hull with a package strapped to his back. Hauling him aboard they find the package contains a punchcard and an ornate case. There is also a note saying :

Please find enclosed my journal in “Steambook” format.

I’m on my way home at last!

-Brother Buzzkill

After pressing the bamboo switch on the side of the case it begins to play….