Saving Private Thermryan

In an epic quest across the frozen north the Gnomish Rescue Squad and Special Service fought for the very future of Azeroth. This was a three part RP event I ran to track down a lost gnome with secrets vital to the alliance, involvings raids on flying citadels, airship battles, and a raid deep into the heart of undercity. It opened with the following invitation and teaser trailer:


Chief Frigga, Gnomes of the squad, Friends of the service,

Word has reached me from our Fizzcrank outpost in the north, that one of their number has been reported missing in action.

This missing airman was no ordinary gnome however, but I am not yet at liberty to discuss the classified nature of his role, suffice it to say that the very future of Azeroth may lie within his hands, and it is vital that he be rescued.

It is for this reason that I once again call upon you, the greatest rescue force at my disposal, indeed the greatest rescue force in all of Azeroth. You must rescue this missing gnome, no matter the cost!

I will furnish your squad with the classified details to fully brief you on your assignment!

May the cog be with you all!

Gelbin Mekkatorque
High Tinker