What could cooler than a bunch of gnomes hijacking a flying zeppelin manned by goblins, and sailing it right into the heart enemy territory? Exactly!

Gnomish Intelligence Communique XT-4530-BZ

Calling all Gnomes and friends of Gnomeregan! As part of the ongoing Operation:Buzzkill volunteers from the Gnomish Rescue Squad have been on deep cover missions in Durotar and the Barrens following up leads on the stolen gnomish schematics.

A solid lead has been uncovered thanks to a conversation overheard in Razor Hill while Grimmspanner of the GRS was cunningly disguised as a cactus.

It appears that shipments of stolen schematics are being shipped between Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar by Zeppelin on a regular basis.

The Gnomish Rescue Squad will be forming a Schematic Recovery Aerial Patrol (S.C.R.A.P) and attempting a skyjack and mid-air boarding action on Thursday 21st. All who would like to assist assemble Theramore Docks for for full missiondetails at 21:00 hrs.

Any members of the Horde who intercept this communique please note this is merely a temporary extension of Gnomish Jurisdiction, cooperate and I’m sure there’ll be no trouble.

Grimmspanner Brassbolts
℅ Gnomish Forward Command, Kalimdor