Join The Warcloud Squadron

Despite my love for tinkering gnomes, I also had a soft spot for the Horde so I had a brief  dabbling as a  mekgineering Orc and this was the promotional material for the guild I set up.

Heres the recruitment details I posted on the wow forums:

The Harbour Watchman heard a thud from behind him followed by a loud grunt. Spinning around to place the source of the noise, he held his lantern aloft and found himself staring into the grinning smile of a huge be-goggled Tauren not ten feet away picking himself up off the pier and rolling up what appeared to be a parachute!

Turning to raise the alarm, the Watchman was suddenly knocked senseless and thrown to the ground by an arclight spanner swinging from the arm of an oil-spattered Troll that had seemingly fell from the sky on top of him.

Coming to again and realizing that he must have been left for dead by his aerial assailants, he looked around and saw Stormwind harbour ablaze, as throngs of Horde warriors parachuted down from the sky dropping bombs as they went. Following their descent upwards with his eyes he despaired even further as the night sky was alive with many smoke sputtering machines flying in tight formation bearing down on the city like mechanical demons expelled from the twisted nether.

Suddenly his stricken reverie was broken by a great noise of whirring and engines as a flying machine came blazing out of the air above him and brought itself to a crashing halt on the pier not inches from his face. He froze as a huge Orc, clearly a commander of some sort by his bearing, dismounted from the infernal contraption, adjusted his goggles and surveyed the mayhem before him with a smile.

“Wh..wh.who are you monsters?” said the Guard from the ground. Seeing him for the first time, the Orc, more used to being addressed as “Mek Boss” , swiftly brought his gyro-balanced khorium destroyer to bear and pulled the trigger. Then speaking to the now charred remains of the Guard’s corpse he said “We are the Warcloud Squadron, and we will paint the skies with your blood and crush your …… oooooohh shiny!”. The Boss picked up the Gnomish Gizmotronic 2000 he spotted sticking out from the Guard’s now burning pockets and thought “Who cares about razing Stormwind Harbour, wait till the boys back in the workshop see this little beauty!” and then pocketing it, he charged forward to join his fellow battle mekgineers as they hurled more cobalt frag bombs into the fray.


Introducing The Warcloud Squadron
The Warcloud Squadron, when it can pull itself together, is one of the Horde’s craziest battle mekgineering and skyborne units. It operates on its own or in support of other units and is primarily deployed as a flying machine mobile infantry and paratrooper unit. The squadron also provides on the ground combat engineering expertise with field artillery, sapping, demolition and siege warfare techniques, and via use of deep dive helmets can go on prolonged subaquatic missions surprising the enemy from the water.

When not on active duty the squadron can usually be found scouring Azeroth for rare Goblin and Gnomish schematics, tinkering in the Warcloud Workshop in downtown Orgrimmar, or off having wacky races in vehicles liable to explode at any minute.

The squadron is currently under the command of Mek Boss Ragnaraxe Cogsmasher, although the word command is used in its loosest sense, as getting a bunch of gadgeteering gizmophiles to lift up their  heads from their latest insane project and actually follow orders is a difficult task, and the Boss is usually too busy fine tuning the khorium power core of his flying machine or playing with his latest toy from Gadgetzan to even try anyhow.

So while the squadron is nominally a military unit, it has a more unorthodox structure than most and is composed mainly of a rag-tag bunch of mad mekgineers, ace flyers and aerial adventurers held together only by their service to the Horde, their love of gadgets, and the exhilaration that grips them as they putter through the skies on their beloved flying machines.

The squadron is at the direct disposal of the Warchief and all Horde leaders, and is primarily tasked with the aerial defense of Horde territories and acquiring for the Horde through whatever means necessary as much Gnomish and Goblin technical know-how as they can.

It recruits from all members of the Horde that are unhinged and crazy enough to have undertaken the study of engineering. For those not yet skilled enough for flying machine duty, ground crew are always needed. Gnome haters need not apply however as while we have no love for the alliance we view the gnomes as honourable adversaries due to their tinkering know-how.

Origins of the name

Many mistakenly assume that the Squadron got its name from the cloud of black smoke that regularly billows out of its workshop. However the name actually goes back to the groups inception during the closing days of the campaign in Northrend  when Thrall, impressed with Ragnaraxe’s use of flying contraptions against the scourge, ordered him to form a new engineering unit and appointed him Mek Boss.

However in his haste to assemble this unit for Thralls inspection a few shortcuts were taken and just as Thrall arrived a few misaligned Khorium power cores went into overload and put the felsteel stabilizers out of whack and before you knew it half the squad went up in a ball of black smoke. And so it was that as the surviving members of the squadron came puttering out of the explosive cloud, wiping the soot from their goggles, Thrall smiled and named them the Warcloud!

OOC Details

The Warcloud Squadron is an engineering themed roleplaying guild for people who love engineering, love their flying machine and love roleplaying and want them all put together with a bit of World PVE/PVP thrown in. Given that flying is coming to the old world soon as well as goblins I figured now would be a good time to start such a guild (formation flying machines over Orgrimmar will be my dream come true).

All engineers are welcome to join, no matter how low level, and the guild will aim to be a good place to find others help you grind for rare schematics as well as roleplay your engineering advancement. Non engineering alts can join too if you have a good RP reason for them to be members. Most welcome of all however is any engineer with an X-53 touring rocket or mimirons head 😉

The guild won’t be a military style roleplay, think more of light maybe comical RP with a motley bunch of mad mekgineers. While the Mek Boss is nominally in charge militarily speaking, the group will operate more like an engineering co-operative with everyone having a a say both IC and OOC.

Initial Roleplaying Flavour
1. Goblin-like engineering madness for all races
2. WW1 style “Red Baron” characters and aerial dog fighting
3. WW2 Paratrooper style raids and attacks
4. “Workshop Hours” engineering banter and a shop for other players to buy and get repairs

1. HAVING FUN with engineering themed role-play
2. Helping each other on raids and dungeons and quests to get rare schematics.
3. Setting up and coordinating mass RP flying events (Stormwind Invasion!) and other engineering themed realm events.
4. Aerial PVE and PVP raids on Alliance targets (boths NPCS and hopefully setting up some roleplay with alliance guilds)
5. Anything else we want to get up to as a group

1. Mek Boss (Guild Leader)
2. Chief Mekgineer (Guild Officer)
2. Mek Sargeant (Veteran Member)
3. Battle Mekgineer (Regular member)
4. Gizmo Grunt (New recruit)
5. Blown Fuse (In Absentia)

(We can change these and add more “flavor” ranks as we see fit later)

Apart from the tabard there are no uniform requirements, however all members are encouraged when their level and cash flow allows to get their hands on
– goggles of any sort,
– parachute (cloak with a flexweave underlay or springy arachnoweave)
– deepdive helmet,
– a goblin rocket helmet
– any ridiculous looking gun be it engineering made or not.
Official Mount (as cash/rep allow)
– Flying mount is the Flying Machine/ Turbo Charged Flying Machine
– Ground mount is a mechano hog or goblin trike (come cataclysm)

1. Members are free to raid and run dungeons obviously but this is an RP centric guild so gearscore and PVP or PVE ability or even spec will not be the focus of the group so no griefing other members about it (although advising others politely is always welcome).
2. Guildchat of course does not have to be roleplay but no leet speak or immature or offensive chat please.
3. The group wishes to be inclusive of players who are parents (including the Mek Boss) and hopes to arrange most important events at 9PM GMT/10PM CET or later after the kiddies are hopefully in bed.
4. The group wishes to be inclusive of casual players. There will be no minimum amount of playtime, join in when you can, and if you can’t make it thats cool too. People can bail at the last minute if real life interferes as it often does.
5. While paratrooping into alliance towns will be fun, interrupting other guilds roleplay actvity without invite or encouragement will be frowned upon!

Examples of planned activities

1) Training
– Formation flying techniques
– Paratrooping
2) Aerial Missions
– Raids and parachute drops on alliance targets
– “man down” rescues deep in alliance territory
– courier missions
– dogfights (if we can find some alliance types to roleplay with)
3) Groundcrew missions
– Stealing engine parts and plans
– Visiting the engineering marvels of azeroth
– Sub Aqua missions with deep five helmets
– artillery training
5) The Warcloud Workshop
– advertising our squad shop and selling engineering goods as a group as well as roleplaying repairs etc
6) Running Engineering Events for other guilds and players
– Mechano-hog, goblin trike and flying machine races
– Engineering Expos

That’s all I can think of now but the sky’s the limit, so bring whatever you want to the guild.

The Mek Boss Needs You

So if you can handle a spanner or like to blow things up, or if you’re crazy enough to throw yourself into the sky on a smoke sputtering machine held aloft only by your own ingenuity and hasty repairs and parachute from the skies when it inevitably explodes, or dream of doing any of these things then the Mek Boss needs you!

Join the Warcloud Squadron today!

Meeting every Wednesday 9PM GMT/10PM CET at the Warcloud Workshop, Engineering forge at Warsong Hold (moving somewhere in Kalimdor after cataclysm)

To become a gizmo grunt please attend and present an item of your work (roleplay it for fun).

If you get a goblin radio you can join the “/warcloud” channel for more info or to interact with the guild IC eg call for air support, order an item from the workshop etc.

You can also whisper Ragnaraxe in game to discuss or ask questions if you want, I’ll be on most evenings after 9pm GMT.