The Fight For Fizzcrank

This was an RP event I ran involving an aerial paratrooper raid on Warsong Hold as relief effort the gnomish base at Fizzcranks airstrip, for which I did up some posters and a recon footage video.

Whilst lazily sitting in Menethil harbour sipping a gnomicinno, your perusal of the latest issue of Tinkertown News is interrupted by the puttering sound of a flying machine as it careens down out of the sky, bumpily coming to a halt on the end of the pier. A dapper gnome bearing the livery of the High Tinkers Telegram & Courier Service leaps out, runs onto the Seaculus, pins some papers to the squad noticeboard before leaping back into the skies. Mystified, you jump up knocking what’s left of your gnomicinno all over the Tinkertown News “New Gizmos From Gadgetzan” special supplement, and bound over to the noticeboard. Then jostling with your equally curious squad mates, begin to read a rather frost-bitten letter.

Greetings Squad

I send urgent news from the cold north, details below and battle plans attached.

As you may know I’ve been spending time up in Fizzcrank Airstrip in the Borean Tundra of late, taking lessons from the Fizzcrank Engineering crew and imbibing much ale and cakes. As I may have told you before I’ve been able to pilot a flying machine since I was knee-high to a khorium power core, however the Flying Gnome Aces of Fizzcrank have been teaching me some techniques for flying in cold weather, navigating through blizzards, handling engine freeze ups and the like. After much practice I’m glad to say I am now fully qualified for cold weather flight.

I wish this was all the news I had, however I bring grim tidings if you’ll pardon the pun. While I was training in Fizzcrank the airbase came under attack several times by aerial raiding parties hailing from Warsong Hold. Its seems that with the war against the Lich King winding down into a mop-up operation, Garrosh at Warsong Hold has grown more belligerent towards Alliance forces, instructing his flight crew to annexe Fizzcrank Airstrip.

Thankfully the stouthearted gnomes of Fizzcrank have been holding these attacks at bay but it’s not been without several injuries and their supply lines to Valiance keep have been cut as all aircraft flying in or out have come under attack. With supplies dwindling and morale getting lower I’m not sure how long our brothers and sisters can hold out against the Warsong raids.

Word has been sent to the High Tinker for assistance  but most of his troops are preparing for Operation:Gnomeregan and the Gnomish Airforce has much of its flying machines out of service as they get upgraded with the new engine designs that our squad previously recovered from Thermaplugg.

Thankfully there are some Gnomish Intelligence operatives based in the Borean Tundra with all the necessary reconnaissance information needed to plan an attack.  The High Tinker has granted all squad and special service members “OVERCOG” security clearance to access the intelligence reports, and asked us to act on his behalf in defending Fizzcrank Airstrip.

So Squaddies, it’s down to us, our brother and sister Gnomes are in peril and need to be rescued from Warsong aggression! Will you stand up for them! Will you join The Fight For Fizzcrank!

Preparation and Resupply

Firstly I will will return to the Eastern Kingdoms and load up a supply ship in Stormwind and meet up with the rest of you perhaps after our next squad meeting or whenever is suitable, the Fizzcrank Gnomes are a hardy lot, I’m sure they can hold out as long as they know we’re on the way. Then we’ll sail to Valiance Keep and proceed by strider to Fizzcrank avoiding any Warsong patrols and protecting any of our less battle-hardened members.

Once we arrive at Fizzcrank we’ll drop off the supplies and those without a cold weather flying license can help bolster the airstrip’s defences. The rest of us will form up into two battle wings, one for those with parachutes or some such slow fall magical ability and one for those without (if numbers are small in either wing we’ll just form one group). We’ll take off in formation and do some training flights and targeted parachute drops.

Once we’re ready we’ll set out for Warsong Hold and skyborne glory!

The Battle Plan

To teach the Horde a lesson and make them think twice about meddling in the affairs of Gnomes we will take out the flight crew leaders on the rooftop of Warsong Hold who have been coordinating the raids.

The paratrooper battle wing will go in first and parachute onto the rooftop to secure an airhead. Once the paratroopers start to touch down and engage the enemy the second battle-wing will come in to land and enter the fray.

Primary Objective: To’bor, the executive flight officer
Secondary Objectives: Tohfo Skyhoof, Sabamba and Turida Coldwind, the senior flight officers
Tertiary Objectives: Clear the flight deck of all Horde forces.


  • Do not enter the central building on the flight deck until we clear the outside, there are several elite guards inside, if our numbers are small we may wish to avoid them altogether.
  • Do not step or land on the elevator, it goes deep into the hold where the forces are too many for us to overcome.
  • When para-trooping, come to a halt before opening your ‘chute if you have any momentum you’ll blow right past the narrow roof.

The Exit Strategy

  • Once our targets are down, we’ll return to Fizzcrank to meet up and celebrate with ale and cakes. With the airways open even those without flying skills who manned the ground defences can get a flying machine back to Valiance Keep if they introduced themselves to the flight master there on the way up.
  • If anyone goes down we remain in the hold until we can get everyone out.
  • If your spirit wanders while you’re injured re-enter the hold and take the elevator behind Garrosh to the top.
  • Remember if things are going against you try jumping off the side and parachute to safety if you have one.

Good Luck Squad!
For Gnomeregan! For Fizzcrank Airstrip!